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The Hour of Man aims to work for an inclusive and diverse world community through collaborative projects and Deep Listening®.


The Hour of Man was founded by Ina Otzko 26.03.2018 and is registered as a non-profit organisation in The Brønnøysund Register Centre / Nr. 921073909. 

"It would be a grand thing for any community, large or small, to set aside even five minutes of the day for serious contemplation. If nothing more were to result than the recognition of such feeling as community it would be a great step forward. If it be true that we have not yet accepted the fact that we are members of one world, or even of one nation, how much more true is that we are not even members of the little communities to which we belong. We become more and more atomized, more and more separate and isolate....We hide from the face of reality: it is too terrible, we think. Yet it is we, we, only we, who have created this hideous world. And it is we who will change it - by changing our own inner vision."  (Henry Miller, Stand Still Like the Hummingbird.)

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