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Leviathan, 2015

Truth also is the pursuit of it: Like happiness, and it will not stand. ​Even the verse begins to eat away In the acid. Pursuit, pursuit; 

​A wind moves a little, Moving in a circle, very cold. ​How shall we say? In ordinary discourse— ​We must talk now. I am no longer sure of the words, The clockwork of the world. What is inexplicable ​Is the ‘preponderance of objects,’ The sky lights Daily with that predominance 

​And we have become the present. ​We must talk now. Fear Is fear. But we abandon one another. 


Leviathan, From New Collected Poems by George Oppen (1908-1984).

Leviathan holds a series of 78 unique photographs from the crater of the dormant Volcano Solfatara located within the Regional Park of Campi Flegrei in the municipality of Pozzuoli, north of Naples. I wanted to portray the unfamiliar, choosing the heart of the volcano, which many won’t have seen. The title Leviathan is connected with the ego and holds reference to the spiritual lesson of controlling one’s desire and making the right choices. We can create and we can can nature and what better way to show this than the volcano? Accordingly, I chose to transfer the feeling of this momentary experience by working with Polaroid film that changes with temperature, i.e. it will never end its development, its transgression or find its perfection, it’s a little like us human beings.  The Volcano is closed for the public after a fatal accident in 2017.

Trust - Tetrahedron, a neon sculpture inspired by the shape of the reflectors on site and a composition of field recordings from the crater is also a part of the project. The images are installation view from the solo exhibitions I am here, can you feel it? in Bodø Art Society, 2018 and Sono qui, puoi sentirlo? in Castel dell' Ovo in Naples, 2015. For Bodø I did a variation of Trust - Tetrahedron in copper and wood.

The work is only available as one installation of 78. Preview artist book

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