I work with various mediums project based or in series using the camera as my main channel. My artistic methods combine results from research, travel and experiences. I often go back to previous works that may take on new meanings due to my further research and changes in society and combine it with new projects. I explore time; man's relational and structural challenges as individuals in a world community; our shared responsibility, human consciousness and ownership of our own body and of the Earth. I am interested in how the Earth's geology and formations, nature's presence and cycles affect man and our awareness of our surroundings, both the visible and the invisible. We are living in constant change, now more than ever, and this uncertainty reminds us of how vulnerable life is. In my work I dive into challenges and issues related to these processes of change and our shared responsibility for each other and the world we live in. I try to portray the unique connection we have to each other and nature despite the gap between rich and poor, freedom and oppression that grows in parallel with the greed that is about exploiting both Earth and humans.
I grew up on a small island in Northern Norway, surrounded by the changing seasons, unstable weather, light and darkness and salty fresh air of the Atlantic Ocean. My close relationship with nature and personal spiritual practice affects everything I do. Taking time for reflection on life and what it means to be human and our potential is essential to me. I believe that everything is connected to everything. We have the opportunity to change the future every day, and by highlighting the issues I address, I want to give the audience a key to their own reflection, dialogue and debate.

Ina Otzko’s (b. 1972 in Sandnessjøen, Norway) 

Ina Otzko holds a dual master degree from Goldsmiths College University of London, MA Image & Communication (2004), MFA Fine Art (2007) and an additional master from Udk, Berlin, MA Sound Studies (2012). Her artistic practice includes photography, video, sound, text, sculpture and performance. She participates frequently in courses and /or artist in residency programs (national and international) for research and inspiration. Her work has been presented in solo shows and numerous group exhibitions in Norway and abroad. 


She additionally works as an independent curator, art advisor for private and public sector and produces exhibitions and public art projects. Her latest project was the well received tome, 100 Norwegian Photographers, published by Hatje Cantz, launched at Fotografie Forum Frankfurt and exhibited at the Norwegian Pavilion The dream we carry at the Frankfurt Book fair in October 2019. In 2018 she was the first recipient of the Art Award Twendeprisen for her artistic work and her engagement with the arts. 

Ina Otzko has resided mainly abroad since 1993, though always kept a firm bond with the north creating connections between people and places through various art projects and assignments. She is the founder of  IO RAM - holistic health, The Hour of Man, a project which aims are to work for an inclusive and diverse world community through collaborative projects; She is director and co-founder of ArtBase Helgeland 66N (2005-), a non profit artist initiative collaborative. In spring 2020 she initiated a collocation of production- and exhibition space for professional artists and theatre production Kulturvågen in Vågen, Sandnessjøen with the mission of opening the exhibition space Vågen Kunsthall in 2021. Otzko currently lives and works in Northern Norway and Italy.

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