Rain God Mesa, Monument Valley, US  (2016-2020)

"We are born from this mother, from Gaia; we are extensions of the Earth and the cosmos of which it is a part. This means that our conceptualizing and our spirituality also extend from the spiritual dimension of the cosmos and the Earth." Thomas Berry, The Spirituality of the Earth

I was travelling through the US for research and inspiration for new works / projects in November 2016. Arriving in Monument Valley an extra super full moon rising on November 14th greeted me, a gift and experience from beyond. This full moon was the closest full moon to Earth in the 21st century and won’t come this close to Earth again until November 25th, 2034. 


The land I visited belongs to the Navajo Nation. I want to give something back in return from what I received from my journey and besides that, I am a firm believer in energy exchange and that all is connected. After mail exchanges I am happy to announce that I'll be donating all proceeds from the sales (after the production costs) from the Rain God Mesa project to support the Navajo Water Project, which is a program of the DigDeep Right to Water Project 501c3. To learn more about their work visit the website: https://www.navajowaterproject.org/project-specifics


The reason for donating to this specific project is simple – we all have the right to fresh water and now in 2020 it's absurd it’s still not available all over the world.

The series of images is available in three sizes 20 x 30cm / 40 x 60cm / 50 x 75cm, each signed and numbered. Digital print on paper.

*An additional 5% is added to the cost for the Kunstavgiften (The Art Tax) is applicable to art sales where the sale price exceeds 2000 NOK.

Delivery 3-5 weeks depending on location. Payments via PayPal or by agreed invoice and bank transfer. If ordering more prints in one go the shipping cost is adjusted accordingly.

20 x 30 cm ed. 100 / 1500 NOK  + shipping 

40 x 60 cm ed. 30 / 5000 NOK + 5%  + shipping 
50 x 75 cm ed. 30  / 8000 NOK + 5%  + shipping 

If you want to support the Navajo Water Project in another way you can make direct donations through their website.

For more info about the works, request of different size, proposals or such and order you can contact me here: post (at) inaotzko.net

For more info about The Navajo Water Project contact Annie Lascoe / annie (at ) digdeep.org

Interview in Magasinet KUNST 02.09.2020