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Solo exhibition at Galleri Nord-Norge, 2023 / Installation view, photos by Steve Nilsen. Review from the exhibition at

The exhibition revolves around the artist's recurring questions about time, connections, communication and belonging - visible and invisible.

Mnemosyne (2023)  Memory, history, heritage. Series of eight photographs 130 x 130 cm and on site build light box 400 cm x 400 cm.

Mnemosyne, the Greek goddess of memory and remembrance, and the one who invented words and language. She was also a goddess of time and Mother of the muses. Praying to her would grant you memories of your past life or help you remember ancient rites.

The road goes north, back to

a small bay, where my lifetime

is glimpsed in the reflection

of the sky in the water

Hanne Bramness
(Translated by Anna Reckin)

Surrender, video 07:00 with sound, 2023  / How is Your Heart, 2023 A series of Polaroids / The neon sculpture Take your time, 2015 and
Slowly becoming light, 2022

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