Pebbles & Panties 2004 / 2010.

The viewer is witness to an absurd play upon the laws of gravity. A young woman runs across a naked landscape. She struggles through a sea of small pebbles, striving futilely through the terrain to reach the top of the incline. Just as she is approaching the top, her panties falls down. This is an absurd ritual that involves exposure and embarrassment as well as humour and playfulness, whilst exploring the laws of gravity. Absurd, seemingly meaningless experimental rituals such as this are typical of the teenage and childhood years, particularly when they involve the body, nakedness and sexuality. The essence of Ina Otzko's work is the expression of existential feelings thrown into relief against a mythical landscape that allows no insight into the identity of the protagonist. This means that our attention is focused upon the visual tactics employed. The barrenness of the landscape underpins the feeling of loneliness and the battle for survival. The relationship between body and landscape brings to mind the work of the Italian film director Paulo Pasolini, and the mythical scenes he created, for example in Oedipus Rex, which was filmed in the area surrounding Vesuvius.


Tone Lyngstad Nyaas, text from the exhibition catalogue Puberty, Haugar Art Museum, Norway 2008.

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