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It was meant for all things to meet, Galleri Nord-Norge, 2022

Four man show with Ina Otzko, Anne Lingaard Møller, Eva Fachè and Jet Pascua.

I was meant for all things to meet:
to make the clouds pause in the mirror
of my waters, to be home to fallen rain
that finds its way to me, to turn eons
of loveless rock into lovesick pebbles
and carry them as humble gifts back
to the sea which brings life back to me.

-Richard Blanco

I was meant for all things to meet. This first line of the poem "Complaint from El Río Grande", which imagines what the so-called "Big River" would say in response to all the encroachments that humanity has made, serves as inspiration and a hopeful reminder for the four artists of why it is almost a necessity to continue making art. With their own unique way of addressing questions of time, consciousness, individual and shared responsibility, human interaction and behaviour, whether personal, political or philosophical – or through attentive studies of context, repetition, form and light, these artists present their trying to find poetry in these challenging times.

 …Then countries – your invention-maps
jigsawing the world into colored shapes 
caged in bold lines to say: you’re here.
not there, you’re this, not that, to say: 
yellow isn’t red, red isn’t black, black is 
not white, to say: mine, not ours, to say 
war, and believe life’s worth is relative.

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