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I am here, can you feel it? / Sono qui, puoi sentirlo? 

The exhibition was made for Castel dell' Ovo in Naples in 2015 and includes works from 2004-2015. A selection was presented in Bodø and Vadsø Art Society, Norway 2018/2019 and in Galleri Nord-Norge, Harstad in 2022. It includes additional works made afterwards. Photographs from the Interiors series are performance for camera show the artist's body in various rooms and interiors. The body's positions are spontaneous reactions and direct experiences of the existing energy of the environment, sensing the body, space, place and time. The poses can also be seen as orders, confrontational moments and self-consolidation. However, as the artist becomes familiar with the interior, the body is given a specific function in experimenting with how new spaces arise or are created between encounter and confrontation between inner and outer, longing and belonging, intimacy and vulnerability. Meditations on Silence is a series of clouds exploring human vulnerability in confrontation with oneself and one's own life and death. The orange tree is a text composed of various chapters of the book 'The Difficulties of Being' by Jean Cocteau. Make me tender again video loop shows abstract pulsating forms and refers to the body's circulation and processing of one's overall state. 

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