(Be)longing (Interiors 21/12, 313/13, 15/13)

"Home is my physical body. Home is nature, Earth. The feeling of home is something different. It's an exchange of unconditional love between human beings. It's a belonging that creates a longing for time to slow down, so you can stay home just a little longer." (Ina Otzko)

A selection of the projects was first presented at Ingo Seufert Gallery for Contemporary Photography in Munich, 2014.

Photographs from the Interiors series show the artist's body in various rooms and interiors. The body's positions are spontaneous reactions and direct experiences of the existing energy of the environment. The poses can also be seen as orders, confrontational moments and self-consolidation. However, as the artist becomes familiar with the interior, the body is given a specific function in experimenting with how new spaces arise or are created between encounter and confrontation between inner and outer, longing and belonging, intimacy and vulnerability. Another selection was presented at Cosmoscow, Regarding Spaces with Sunderø Gallery.

"Ina Otzko’s Interiors series shows the artists body in various positions in the interior of an old Italian mansion. Her poses are appropriations of nude photos and paintings of older artists like Man Ray, Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Munch. But unlike the female models of her predecessors, Otzko’s position is dual: Posing as object of the viewers gaze, she puts herself in a vulnerable situation. But as orchestrator of the given set, she places herself in the position of the viewer and in charge of the situation. Otzko’s various poses may be interpreted as interactions with a given environment’s extant energy, a personal confrontation and self-consolidation within a space. In one of the photos the artist sits in a chair, half smiling, confronting the viewer with her direct stare. In the background hangs a man’s shirts and ties. Is she confronting him or us? Another picture shows her in a sprinter’s position besides two chairs, ready to run towards the viewer. If she starts running, would she stop before she plunges into us? In yet another you find her on a table. A female body to be consumed. She appears defenceless, fresh meat offered. Two pictures show Otzko against a wall, lying on a white sheet. Light sculptures her body, her whole being meditative and content. In the barren room, she seems untouchable, sheltering as in a monastery cell. The mythological aspect of her pictures is clearly present in Mutatio, where Otzko sits, holding a man in her arms. The space around them gives no evidence to where they are. The title (mutatio from latin; change or transformation), may refer to the mans skin, seemingly transforming from dark to a lighter hue. Or – given the pieta pose of the figures – to the transcendence from life to death." (Karin Sunderø)

(Be)Longing is part of  Otzko's long term commitment and research of the human experience of Longing & Belonging. - sensing the body, spaces, places and time.

Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308g 50 cm x 70 cm / 70 cm x 105 cm Edition 3 +1 / 300 x 200 cm Installed in window at Stormen Concert Hall, Bodø / NorlandiArt