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Installation view SURRENDER - Galleri Nord-Norge (14.01 - 19.03. 2023)

Review by Øystein Voll for Hakapik

The exhibition revolves around the artist's recurring questions about connections, communication and belonging - visible and invisible. The works reflect on being human, questions about our coexistence and being part of nature, a larger circuit on a globe in an infinite universe. 


How do we maneuver in a world filled to the brim with chaos, fear and uncertainty alongside beauty, love,  life, in order to respond to experience? What heritage are we born with and carry with us through the generations, what is awakened and carried forward, what changes for us, what do we leave out and what is newly created? What legacy will we ultimately leave behind? Which wounds have we opened and what wounds have we healed?


How close do we dare to be to another human being? What does it mean to be a fellow human being? How true are we able to be with ourselves and in our love for ourselves, others and wider life? Where do we wander in our dreams when we sleep, where do our thoughts wander when we are awake?


Surrender, be, being, belonging, how's your heart? Slowly becoming light, Take your time, Mnemosyne.


Memory, remembrance, history, heritage.

Who should and can tell our stories? Will they be told and how will they be told?


Who are we? 


Where are we going?

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